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The Five Steps

  1. Your Thoughts – Together, we will identify the recurring thoughts you think on a regular basis.  We will recognize and hold on to the thoughts that serve you well and we will work closely together to change the automatic, negative thoughts that prevent you from creating the results you desire for yourself and your life.  I share powerful and effective tools that help you do this.  Once you learn these tools, you will be able to plug any area you are struggling in, and solve it with these tools.

  2. Your Feelings – Because your thoughts create the way you feel, together, we identify and name the top feelings that you feel on a regular basis.  We uncover the way you currently feel and identify the way you desire to feel.  We then work closely on managing your mind and your thoughts so you can better manage your emotions and therefore take the actions necessary in order to achieve your goals and live the life you desire to live.

  3. Your Actions – Because the actions you take are a result of the way you feel, we look at the actions or in-actions you are currently taking in your life.  Once we do this, we can look at the actions you desire to change or the actions you desire to take and set an actionable plan in order to achieve your goals.

  4. Your Results – Because your actions or in-action create all of the results in your life, we will look at the result you are currently creating and identify the results you desire for yourself.  We will set measurable goals and a clear and focused plan.

  5. Your purpose – I strongly believe that we have all been called to live out our purpose here on earth, to make a contribution and live out our unique gifts powerfully.  Each one of us have strong and unique gifts but people tend to undermine their gifts, minimize their gifts or not recognize their gifts because of their thoughts about them.  Once you learn to change your thoughts, feelings, actions and results in your life, you will be able to tap in to your unique gifts and make your unique contribution in the world.

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